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Conditions of Zakaat

Conditions of Zakaat Scholars have established specific conditions or requirements for Zakat to be incumbent on the individual. Some of these conditions are related to the person that pays the Zakat and others to the property itself. Islam Zakah is only incumbent on...

Recipients of Zakaat

Recipients of Zakaat Now that we understand zakah, and its various conditions and calculation, we must now learn who it is payable to. Those who are entitled to receive zakah are grouped into eight categories, as determined by the Qur’an and Sunnah. Allah says,...

Example Calculation of Zakaat

How should I Calculate Zakaat? The amount of wealth which makes one liable for Zakat is called Nisab. The payment of Zakat is compulsory on the excess wealth which is equal to or exceeds the value of Nisab, and which is possessed for a full Islamic year. If such...

Holdings Subject to Zakaat

Holdings Subject to Zakaat Gold and Silver In the past, paper currency was not known, and people used to barter using commodities. This is a completely impractical and ineffective method in large communities. People graduated in their types of transactions until...

Zakaat Calculator

Calculate your Zakaat with this easy to use Zakaat calculator by Islamic Relief Click here to go to the Islamic Relief Website

Means for Financial Purification

Zakaat – a Means for Financial Purification ‘Truly, to a happy state shall attain the believers, who humble themselves in their prayer, and who turn way from all that is frivolous, and who fulfil their Zakah duty.’ (Quran 23:1-4) In reference to Zakah and other types...

Spiritual Growth & Purification

Zakaat – Spiritual Growth and Purification Linguistically, the word Zakah means purity and growth. Allah says, “Take from their wealth a sadaqah, in order to purify them and sanctify them (with it).” As an Islamic term, zakah is an, ordained right to specific wealth...